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Wonderful Article on Bridal Boudoir.......

Can your Photographer edit in the style you want?

You should be asking about editing styles when you are in the process of choosing a Photographer. Check out the link above to see examples.

Why I do this...…..

Whenever someone asks me why I do this I think about my answer carefully. However, it always is the same. Because I love this profession. But really? Why? After careful thought on what brings me joy during a shoot, it truly has to be the customer. The joy in their expressions and the happiness when they see the Photo's. Last week I was delivering the Photo's to a couple that was married in Late April, is a perfect illustration. I met them for coffee at Panera Bread. I always bring my tablet so we can look through the Photo's together. We sit down and start going through the day. Starting with the accessories, then the Bride getting ready, the Ceremony, the groom, the reception. we go through it all. As we are looking at the beginning of the reception, we are looking at the pictures of the Bridal party entering the hall. Then the first dance between the bride and groom. The groom then stole the mic and sang "Mack the Knife" To his Bride. All of these pictures are stirring the groom up as we look through them at the table. Finally he looks at his Bride and says, "My God, it's like we are living the day over again". A feeling of both Joy and Pride come over me. I think to myself, this is why I do this. All the prep, study, work, everything I put into this, is to see that look on their faces when the Photo's are delivered. To hear the Groom or Bride profess that they are reliving those moments. It is the reason my tagline is "Capturing Moments". Because that is why I do this. I take real pride in stirring emotions and bringing back great memories to couples. Taking a great Photograph is what it is all about. When I am at an event, whether it is a Wedding, Mitzvah, or a portrait or engagement session, I usually have a 2nd Photographer with me. Throughout the entire event, you will see me showing off my pictures to the other photographer in my camera's display. Usually making comments like, "take a look at that". "Good stuff huh"? Because I love what I do, I love when I take a great picture and I love delivering them to the customer.

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